NASA would get $26 billion in new budget request

President Joe Biden has requested $26 billion for NASA in 2023, almost $2 billion more than the space agency earned in the current fiscal year. If passed, a third of that cash would go to NASA’s ambitious Artemis mission to bring people back to the Moon.

NASA would get $26 billion in new budget request

Artemis, which aims to send the first woman and first person of colour to the Moon by 2025, will receive roughly $7.5 billion. A new lunar lander capable of carrying people to and from the lunar surface has just been added to the Artemis master plan.


NASA is working on three pieces of gear to return people to the Moon. The first two are the Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion, a crew capsule. They’ve been under development for a decade and will work together to bring people to the Moon. A lunar lander is the third important piece of the puzzle. NASA gave SpaceX a $2.9 billion contract last year to turn its new Starship spaceship into an Artemis lander.

However, NASA has revealed intentions to collaborate with a private enterprise on a second lunar lander. The government sought to pick two businesses to design human landing systems for Artemis, but Congress only approved a quarter of the cash requested. NASA now wants financing for a second lunar mission. NASA’s budget papers provide around $1.486 billion for human landing systems, albeit they do not identify funding for particular landers.

Meanwhile, $779 million will go toward building NASA’s lunar Gateway, a new space station circling the Moon. The Gateway will eventually be an Artemis programme centre where astronauts may dwell and train before travelling to the moon. The Gateway’s initial section should debut in 2024 at the earliest. The latest budget proposal includes $486 million for robotic lunar missions to better comprehend the Moon’s geology. The VIPER rover will “investigate”