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Why People Think Are A Good Idea

How to Choose a Gift Depending on the Anniversary.

Spending an entire year with one person is a huge accomplishment which is why every wedding anniversary should be special. Each anniversary comes with special jewelry. You will find suggestions for some of the best jewelry to get your partner if you have been together for 10 years. Choose gold jewelry for the end of the first anniversary. This is usually the most sentimental year. It is often referred to as the honeymoon phase.

Many people marry quite young which means their careers have not picked and money is still short. This is why you do not want to be going crazy for the first anniversary. Gold jewelry will not be too much for your pocket at that point. You can find just the perfect gold necklace or a bracelet for the first anniversary. Charms can be added in celebrating milestones. A gold ring will be great for him and you may also get cuff links or a necklace. Anything with gold accents will be a perfect pick too.

Garnet will be a good choice if it is the second anniversary. It has several colors. You can go for green, pink or yellow. However, it is also found in red color. What you should remember though is that it can be a hard stone to find. This is why it is just perfect for the second year of anniversary. It is resourceful for all kinds of jewelry pieces. You can it added to rings, earrings, as well as pendants. When you use it on top of white gold or even platinum set it will be popping. You are free to design your own gemstone ring.

Choose pearls for the third anniversary. They can be natural pearls or cultured ones. Natural pearls will cost more than the cultured ones but you can’t even tell the difference between the two at a glance. In terms of growth and developments, oysters and mussel are behind each one of them. However, while the cultured pearls are usually farmed, the natural pearls will turn on their own. It is up to you to decide on the type to pick. They come in a wide range of colors which means you will definitely find a color that you will love.

Pearls can be on a matched string, a pendant, a ring, earring or necklace. Pearls are known to be fragile though. Therefore, when you choose a ring it should be worn during the less active days. For men, having jewelry that has mother-of-pearl inlaid will be perfect.

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